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Paymaneh and Oliver

Smashwords: How do I read books on my  iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?
Go to the Apple App store and download the free iBooks app.  Once installed, use the Safari browser from your device to navigate to where you’ll sign into your Smashwords account.  After you purchase a book, click to your Library.  Next, click to the book you want to read, then scroll down the book’s book page to download your book as an .epub file.  Your iOS (Apple) device will give you the option to open the book in the iBooks app.  Click that.  Voila!  It’ll open in your iBooks app.  Alternatively, you can also try the free BlueFire reader, also in the App store. If you have other favorite e-reading apps installed, it may also give you the option to open the books in your other e-reading apps as well.