Paymaneh has finished her master’s degree at UNSW in Biotechnology and has obtained a post graduate diploma in a relevant field. Her passion for integration of art in everyday life has however, led her to finish two diplomas in Interior Design as well as Holistic Interior Design. She enjoys painting abstracts and using art in any form as therapy to keep up with life; which, is how she started writing for her little girl and is proudly nourishing an eight year old author at home!

A firm believer that everyone can benefit from art in its various forms, she uses painting, writing, yoga, music and decoration as a way of balancing today’s much structured lives. A small business owner in the field of procurement with investments in the green technology, Paymaneh loves to connect with her daughter with books and storytelling, which is how her current middle grade book, Hello; My Name Is Oliver, was conceived.

Paymaneh is currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia and has just realised that much is to be learned from her furry children who keep the entire family fit, connected, tolerant and selfless. Her greatest passion and hope is to publish children’s books, which would allow parents and children to bond and enjoy some funny story time whilst learning a few things from the read pages.